Concierge Medical Membership

Letter from Dr. Zimmer

I am so pleased and excited to be offering the Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership to both new and current patients beginning in 2017. Throughout my 20+ years practicing medicine, I have seen economic, governmental, and insurance concerns place enormous pressure on physicians. As practices expand, the doctor has less and less time to spend with each patient. The average patient only gets about 7-10 minutes with his or her doctor during a routine physical exam.

My team and I determined that we wanted to move away from this model. As physicians, we wanted to be more available to each of our patients, and build meaningful relationships with each of them. We also have many patients who have been with us for years, and as they were advancing in age, their health conditions were becoming more complicated. Complex diagnoses and health situation require significantly more time and attention for each patient. It was important to us that our services continue to evolve based on our patients’ changing needs.

By offering the Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership to just 600 patients, we are able to raise the bar for quality of care and provide the best customer service around. The membership program allows us to offer innovative new methods of healthcare delivery and to maximize the personal nature of interactive Internal Medicine.

I look forward to seeing you in the office soon for a visit.

  All the best,

signature   Michael A. Zimmer, MD, FACP